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Campfire Recipes and Cooking

Although this page is called campfire recipes and cooking, it also covers cooking on containerized fuel stoves and any other method campers use to serve up dinner.

Browse through the camping recipes below to help you plan your next camping trip. Good food is the difference between an okay camping experience and a great camping experience.

Campfire Recipes

Steak KebabsCampfire Grill Grate and Skillet Recipes – Simple cooking directly over a bed of coals, using nothing but a grill grate, to cooking in a pan right over the fire.


Campfire Recipes - Foil PacketsCampfire Foil Packet Recipes – Simple recipes wrapped up in tin foil then tossed onto a bed of coals to cook. One of the easiest ways to cook dinner at the campground.


Hot Buttered RumCampfire Drink Recipes – From hot buttered rum for a snowy camping trip to making coffee without a coffee pot.



Mountain Man BreakfastCast Iron Dutch Oven Recipes – A staple of campfire cooking for hundreds of years, the cast iron dutch oven will elevate your campfire cooking to master levels.



Pie Iron Recipes – Pie irons are a campfire classic. Keep a couple of pie irons on hand and dinner will be as quick and easy as buttering a couple of slices of bread.


Campfire Cooking Tips

Tips to make things a little easier for you when you’re out in the boonies. A campfire is a critical component in making the best of any camping trip. Knowing how to build a campfire properly and easily will give you more time to hang out and relax.

How to build a campfireHow to Build a Campfire – Having problems getting your campfire started? Do you need to spend five dollars on lighter fluid to get things going? Have you recently burned off your eyebrows? Learn to build a campfire the right way.


FirelogsCooking Over Fire Logs – Most fire logs are not appropriate for cooking. We tested the firelogs that claim to be designed or suitable for cooking.



DIY-FirestartersDIY Firestarters – Have trouble getting your fire started? Kindling all wet? Make some DIY firestarters to take with you on your next camping trip.


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