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Pie Iron Recipes

in Campfire Recipes and Cooking

Pie Irons are a classic of easy campfire cooking. The smoky taste that the campfire and pie irons add to your food just can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Pie Iron S'mores

Pie Iron S’mores – Gooey, graham crackery, chocolatey goodness. Make these on your next camping trip and you’ll be the hero of the weekend.




Campfire Grilled Cheese – Whether you go with plain old cheddar slapped onto cheap white bread or go all out with the Cubano, grilled cheese is the go-to for campfire pie iron cooking.


Breakfast Pies - Pie Iron RecipesBreakfast Pies – If you want to up your breakfast game, give this pie iron recipe a try. Its also a helpful tool for enticing the kids out of their tent early in the morning.


Pie Iron QuesadillasPie Iron Quesadillas – Yes, you read that right. Pie. Iron. Quesadillas. Not only can they be done and done tastier than on a stove top, we have the recipe right here. You should have these right now.


Pizza Pockets Pie Iron RecipePizza Pockets – This pie iron recipe is an instant favorite for most kids. The smokey/toasty flavor that the pie iron gives it makes it better than anything that you could get at the store.


Pie Iron Chicken Pot Pie – Somehow cooking anything in cast iron just makes it better. These little pot pies are no exception. Almost magical.



Pie Iron Apple PiesPie Iron Apple Pies – If you’ve got a sweet tooth but you just can’t handle more s’mores, how about trying pie iron apple pies? They’ll keep the kids entertained until the sugar rush hits.


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