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My wife and I decided about three years ago to pack up all of our stuff, sell the house, buy an RV and hit the road. We lived in Houston, Texas, worked corporate jobs, and were very unhappy with it. The hour long drive in traffic and stress of the corporate lifestyle just didn’t make any sense to us anymore.

We always loved the outdoors and went hiking or offroading every chance we got, but it was a long drive from Houston to any place that you could get away from the crowds.

We decided to relocate to West Texas.

Now, we have an RV, a truck, and our absolute favorite, a Jeep Rubicon. There aren’t many places that Jeep won’t take us.

Although this website is titled Trek Southwest, our travels will likely take us far from the Desert Southwest into other parts of the country, this is just where we’ve started, its definitely not the end of the road.

If you’re into snowboarding off of mountain tops in Colorado or hang gliding off of cliffs in Brazil, and eat nothing but non-GMO, dye free, organic, free-range tofu, this site might be a little tame for you.

If you just like to get outdoors to relax and explore, you’re in the right place. Come experience some of our journeys or share some of your own.

The Jeep with the Roof off on Old Ore Road in Big Bend National Park

The Jeep with the Roof off on Old Ore Road in Big Bend National Park

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