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Sorry, we don’t take paid submissions.  If you’re interested in guest posting, please read the following. 

Here’s What We’re Looking For:

Destination reviews – Below are some examples of what we’re looking for in destination reviews.  Cool campgrounds, trails, parks, recreational areas, outdoor festivals and events are great additions in this category. Please keep in mind that this website is dedicated to the Southwestern United States:

Campfire recipes – Below are some good examples of what we’re looking for in campfire recipes:

Other hiking or camping related topics – Use your imagination.  Take a look around the blog to get some ideas of what you think would be a good fit and shoot us an email with your idea.

Here are some good examples of  miscellaneous topics:

Trail guides – If you want to do a trail guide for us, you would be a superhero if you carried a handheld GPS  along for your hike (some modern smartphones can handle gpx tracks.  The Gaia GPS app will record tracks for iPhones) and sent the .gpx file over with your article submission.  Identifying the trailhead coordinates in Google Maps would be a big help if you don’t have a GPS:

Gear Reviews – Sorry, we don’t allow guest post authors to do gear reviews. We feel strongly that if we haven’t used a product ourselves, then we aren’t going to post a review on our website.

If you want to promote a product, one of the best ways to do that is to sponsor a free product giveaway for our readers.  Please contact us at our email below for more details.  Also, please understand that we will only do product giveaways for items that we feel our readers would be interested in.

Additional (But Important) Info

  • Each post should include a bare minimum of three original (un-copyrighted) photographs or graphics related to the topic (please don’t send generic stock photos.  Submitted images should be a minimum of 700 px wide and in .jpg format. The more pictures you send, the more awesome you are. Our readers love to not only read what you’re writing, but see it too.
  • Posts should not read like marketing copy for another website (believe it or not, people try to submit articles like that). If we don’t think our readers will find the content useful, and it doesn’t grow TrekSW in a positive and informative way, then we won’t use it.  Keep in mind that this isn’t a content mill. We write for people.  Not machines.
  • Listicles make us sad.
  • Post topics should be narrow in nature and not overly broad (ie., 10 Best Hiking Trails in Arizona vs. Hiking the South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park in the Wintertime). Post topics and content should be specific and not be general “Why Hiking is Good” type articles.  No filler or clickbait content.
  • Posts should be a bare minimum of 750 words.  1500 to 3000 words is much better.
  • Posts should be entirely unique, well written in conversational American English, and convey some personality.  The articles must remain unique to and not be posted elsewhere on the web.
  • We recommend that post topics be submitted for approval prior to beginning any work.
  • Guest post authors are allowed one dofollow backlink in their author bio that will appear at the end of their article. (See the end of the post here to get an idea of what an author bio will look like) All backlinks in the body of the article must be highly relevant, on high quality websites, expand on the topic in your guest post and be useful (in our opinion) to our readers. If your site happens to meet that criteria, then we may allow a backlink in the post body. If you’re not sure that your website meets that criteria, it’s probably a good bet not to include the link (you’ll have an author bio link anyway).
  • Author bios should be one to two sentences long with one backlink. Authors may also submit a picture or graphic to include with their bio.
  • We reserve the right to modify articles as we see fit, and to reject any article for any reason.

Please understand that not all submissions will be approved.

To submit an article, contact us at admin [at]