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Campfire Foil Packet Recipes

in Campfire Recipes and Cooking

Foil is one of the most versatile tools in your campfire cooking arsenal. You’ll never go hungry if you have a roll of tin foil handy. Just wrap up your meal and toss it next to the fire.

Campfire ConesCampfire Cones – Simple tinfoil wrapped waffle-cone goodness that everybody will love better than s’mores. Stuff anything you want into these little beauties (maybe not “anything” you want). Bring napkins because you’ll need em.


Salsa Potatoes - Foil Packet CookingFoil Packet Salsa Potatoes – Make this easy foil packet side dish while you cook up your favorite entree. Just wrap it in foil and toss it in the fire.



Foil Packet Shepards PieFoil Packet Shepard’s Pie – You can prepare this foil packet meal entirely at home before you even get on the road for your camping trip. Just pop it out of the cooler before you go, then toss it in the fire when you’re ready to eat.


chicken-surprise-veggiesCreamy Chicken Surprise – This tasty foil packet recipe is easy to make and tastes just like chicken and dumplings. Sometimes called hobo dinners, you can easily modify them with whatever ingredients are lying around the kitchen.


Rainbow Trout Foil Packet RecipeRainbow Trout with Dry Rub – This foil packet recipe is easy to prepare before you head out on your fishing trip. Just get your supplies together, mix your dry rub and head out the door.


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